Bad heroin batch leading to multiple overdoses

Authorities are warning of a bad batch of heroin that has led to many overdoses overnight in Seymour, Jennings County and as far as Cincinnati.

Indiana State Police, Seymour police and Jennings County deputies are dealing with a rash of bad heroin that has led to at least 12 overdoses overnight and at least one death, police report. Trooper Stephen Wheeles, spokesman for the Indiana State Police says that the extent of the situation is still unclear.

08-24 Stephen Wheeles-1

Fentanyl is a powerul opiate pain killer. Many people have been found unconscious and barely breathing after taking the drug, Wheeles said.

Wheeles said there have been four arrests in Jennings County overnight related to the situation, but there are no further details on those arrests. Seymour police report arresting 34 year old Seymour resident Michael Purvis on drug-dealing charges overnight due to investigations into the overdoses.

On the Seymour Police Department’s Facebook page, the agency is reporting that officers have had to use Narcan several times overnight to combat the effects of overdoses and multiple men and women thave been taken to Schneck Medical Center for evaluation.

Authorities are still searching for the source of the bad heroin, police say.