City looking at pay raises for employees, officials

Columbus city employees and elected officials would see a pay bump next year. That’s under a proposal up for consideration tonight.

Mayor Jim Lienhoop explains:

08-16 Jim LIenhoop-1

Lienhoop also said that a handful of employees will see larger pay hikes. Those are tied to employees facing changes to their salaried status under new labor standards going into effect at the start of the year. Under those rules, employees making under about $48,000 a year must be paid hourly and paid overtime. Lienhoop said the impact on the budget for raising the pay of about 10 employees now below that threshold would be about $30,000, but he expected it would be much more expensive to pay those employees time and a half in overtime.

The city also could no longer offer those exempt employees comp time to make up for longer hours, Lienhoop said.

City Council meets at 6 p.m. tonight in Columbus City Hall