Brownstown man facing eight Felonies after arrest

A Brownstown man is facing charges after being arrested Wednesday evening in connection with a burglary in Vallonia. A spokesperson with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department says that Reserve Deputy Brent Terry was able to piece-together what happened, with help from Deputy Mark Holt.

The spokesperson says that Terry investigated the scene of the burglary, which happened at a home on Main Street. When the deputy arrived, he reported finding that a vehicle had been broken into and that a number of items, including weapons, were taken from a garage.

Authorities say that, after several interviews in Vallonia, Reserve Deputy Terry was able to identify the suspect as 26-year-old Jeremy Toppe. A witness reportedly told authorities that he saw Toppe in Vallonia, earlier the same day, trying to sell items that matched the description of the stolen property.

The Sheriff’s Department says that Terry learned that Toppe might be in a home on Vine Street in Seymour. He, along with Reserve Deputies Charlie Murphy and James Murphy, went there. When they arrived, the trio reported finding Toppe.

Authorities say that Toppe originally denied being in Vallonia, as well as taking part in the burglary. However, they say that Toppe eventually changed his story, admitting that he had been in Vallonia and that he was trying to sell the stolen property for a friend. When pressed for the name of the “friend,” authorities say that Toppe could only remember the man’s first name. He also allegedly told deputies that he had stashed the property in a shed somewhere in Vallonia.

The deputies then spoke with the residents of the Vine Street home. They told authorities that the stolen items were in a closet inside of their home. After receiving permission to enter the house, the deputies reported finding all of the stolen property, except for a crossbow valued at $600. Fortunately, a minor at the home allegedly told authorities that he saw Toppe trade it with a neighbor, in exchange for a guitar and amplifier. The young man accompanied the deputies to the neighbor’s home and helped to recover the crossbow. Once all of the stolen property was processed, it was returned to the rightful owner.

The Sheriff’s Department says that Toppe is facing preliminary charges of Burglary, Theft of a Firearm, as well as six counts of Theft. They note that all eight counts are Felonies and note that additional charges may be forthcoming.