Landfill no longer taking wastewater sludge

The Columbus wastewater treatment plant will no longer be dumping its sludge into the Bartholomew County landfill.

At least not until the landfill can catch up on an estimated two-year stockpile of the waste.

Frank Miller, president of the county’s solid waste management district board and a City Councilman, briefed the rest of the board on the situation last week, saying that the city has begun taking its sludge to the landfill in Medora, where the dumping costs are comparable to dumping it into the Bartholomew County site.

Miller explained that the city backlog has turned into a large pile of waste and only so much can be mixed in with each load of regular garbage dumped into the landfill.

Representatives from Rumpke estimated that it would take them two more years to mix in the already piled up sludge.