Crowd protests “gender identity” in school policies

A large and sometimes angry crowd showed up last night to protest a change to the definitions used by Bartholomew Consolidated Schools in protected classes within the school district’s policies. At issue was the addition of the words “gender identity” to a set of classes that already included sexual orientation and transgender status.

School officials portrayed the change as a minor addition to a set of rules first implemented almost three years ago. But many of those in opposition said it opened the door to boys deciding to pretend to identify as female, so they could get into girls bathrooms and showers.

Chales Doup spoke against the changes:

05-24 Charles Doup-1

Steve Jasper said he was in favor of the change:

05-24 Steve Jasper-1

Most of the members of the public that spoke were opposed to the changes, and most focused on the idea of males gaining access to female restrooms and showers. Maurice King suggested that those upset take the issue to the voting booth next election:

04-23 Maurice King long

Dr. John Quick, the school superintendent, said that in incidents of students with gender identity issues, the school would work with the parents to come to a solution for each individual student. Those solutions are confidential but he said there are cases where students born as boys are using female facilities.

After about an hour and a half of sometimes heated concerns, and a few statements in support of the change, the board agreed to approve the changes, which include more than 200 pages of policy updates.