Ivy Tech offering 2-year engineering degree this fall

Ivy Tech Community College in Columbus will be offering a new degree program this fall — an associates of science in engineering.

School officials unveiled the new program yesterday at the Columbus Learning Center. They outlined a program that could eventually get a student to a bachelor’s degree at a fraction of the cost of a traditional engineering school.

Joan Wills, program director and chief engineer of Cummins High Horsepower Engineering and Power Systems Global Platforms, said that such a degree is in high demand

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Clayton Force, LEED AP Project Engineering manager for Force Construction, talks about the doors even a two-year engineering degree opens:

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Dr. Stephen Combs, campus president, explains that the two-year, 63 credit program could save a student $32,000 compared to the cost of a similar degree at a traditional school. Some local companies also offer tuition reimbursement toward finishing a bachelor’s degree.

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