Resident says factory noise driving her from apartment

Columbus officials are looking into the noise being produced by a company that tests engines. That’s after a complaint by a resident who says the noise, especially at night, has run her out of her apartment.

The resident, Nancy Routier, came to the city for help after moving into Central Park Place, a senior-living apartment complex off of 13th and Michigan streets. She said the noise from Indiana Research Institute’s engine testing lab is keeping┬áher up at night, aggravating her health conditions and forcing her to sleep with family members in Greenwood.

Mayor Jim Lienhoop said the city is looking into the complaint and at current city ordinances to see if anything can even be done, legally.

05-18 Jim Lienhoop noise-1

He said the city will be testing the sound levels in the neighborhood and checking how those compare to other noise level limits in the city’s ordinances, and if those even apply to a factory.

Lienhoop said he was hopeful that a solution would be found.

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Routier brought her complaint to Columbus City Council last night.