State Street improvements are a step closer to reality

The project to improve State Street on Columbus’ east side continues to move forward. The city’s Redevelopment Commission met Monday night to consider whether or not to recommend that the City Council approve funding for one portion of the project.

Dascal Bunch, who represents the First District on the City Council, encouraged the Redevelopment Commission to approve the project. He noted that the State Street Revitalization Project was one that he has personally been a part of for the last four years. However, he added that residents of the city’s east side have been waiting on improvements for some 60 years. He says that it has gotten to the point to where many residents and businesses simply do not believe that improvements will ever come.

Commission members voted to included what is being called a “gateway entrance” for the bridge at State Street and Central Avenue. Heather Pope, Columbus’ Redevelopment Director, says the gateway is focused on pedestrian functionality and aesthetics…

Commission members voted to include the gateway, noting that the cost was nominal. It increased the cost of the project to $2.185 million, up from $1.937 million, without it.

The Redevelopment Commission approved the recommendation unanimously. Pope says that she is hopeful that the project will go before the City Council during it’s June 7th meeting. She explained that since this project exceeds the Redevelopment Commission’s $500,000 limit, it must be approved by the council before work can begin.