Columbus bike-share program closer to reality

A bike-share program for the city of Columbus is coming closer to being a reality. The city’s Redevelopment Commission voted Wednesday to approve a resolution to execute a contract with the Columbus Parks Foundation for the placement of a bike station at the Jackson Street Parking Garage.

Stan Gamso, Redevelopment Commission Attorney, explained that the station will be placed on the west side of the garage, north of the garage entrance and south of the intersection of Fifth and Jackson Streets. He added that there is an expense of 28-hundred-dollars to put an electrical outlet at the station site, which the Parks Foundation will pay for. A sub-meter is also being installed, so the city can recoup utility costs associated with the operation of the kiosk. The Redevelopment Commission, and the city as a whole, will not face any expense associated with this program, according to Redevelopment Director Heather Pope.

The Redevelopment Commission approved the plan, unanimously.