State police warn to be on alert for cycles

With the warm weather, the Indiana State Police want to warn drivers and motorcyclists to be on the alert for each other and to try to drive safely.

According to Sgt. John Bowling, spokesman for the state police, if you are driving a passenger vehicle you should make sure to check your blind spots before changing lanes and take extra caution at intersections. And you should be aware of road hazards that could cause a cyclist to cross into your lane.

Other safety tips for drivers:

  • Use your turn signals when changing lanes.
  • Allow at least two seconds of following distance between your vehicle and a motorcycle.
  • Be cautious and observant when turning left. This is a primary cause of crashes between vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Remember, motorcycles are entitled to operate in a full lane.
  • Obey all traffic laws.

For cyclists, Bowling suggests you should always wear protective clothing and make sure it is bright enough for you to easily be seen. You should also use reflective tape and your motorcycle’s headlight. And you should never perform stunts like wheelies on the road.

Other motorcyclist safety tips:

  • Always use turn signals when changing lanes and turning.
  • Check your motorcycle before each ride, and do not ride if any equipment is not operating properly.
  • Look for road hazards.
  • Be especially cautious around intersections, alleys, driveways, and other areas where an animal, pedestrian, or vehicle might enter your path.
  • Avoid riding in the blind spot of other vehicles.
  •  Ride defensively; always leave enough reaction time for unexpected movements from other vehicles.
  • When operating a motorcycle during inclement weather, slow down and use extra caution.
  • Avoid sudden changes in direction or speed.
  • Never ride impaired,