Coroner candidates consider Owsley case

The most controversial issue to affect the Bartholomew County coroner’s office in recent years was the handling of the April 2013 shooting death of Cary Owsley.

Owsley died from a gunshot wound but the handling of the crime scene by the sheriff’s department and the county coroner led to deputies being disciplined, Owsley’s body being exhumed for autopsies and a federal lawsuit.

Two Republicans, Clayton Nolting and Ron Shadley, are vying for the coroner’s office after long-time coroner Larry Fisher chose not to seek re-election. We asked the candidates about what lessons they took away from the Owsley case.

Nolting says he is not familiar with the case.

04-28 clayton nolting question 5-1

Shadley said that he would review the department’s procedures if elected

04-28 ron shadley question 5-1

Democrat Paula Rothrock is also seeking the coroner’s office but she is unopposed in next week’s primary.