Deputies warn of sweepstakes scam

Deputies are warning of a sweepstakes scam that took a Johnson County couple for about $10,000.

Sheriff Doug Cox says that deputies talked yesterday to the couple about the ongoing scam which started last year. They said that they were contacted by a man representing a sweepstakes that told them they had won $3.5 million and a Mercedes, but first they had to pay $1,500 in fees and $270 to the IRS.

After sending that money, they received word that they needed to send another $3,500 for IRS issues. And then they were sent a check for $4,500 and told to deposit it, but to send $3,500 back to the scammer. That check bounced after they had already sent the cash. A second check for $4,500 was also found to be fake.

Authorities warn that you will never be asked to pay fees to claim a legitimate prize and you should never send money to someone you don’t know.