Commissioner candidates consider health care costs

Bartholomew County Republican voters in next week’s primary election will have three candidates to choose from for the District 1 seat on the County Commissioners. Incumbent Larry Kleinhenz is facing Susan Thayer-Fye and Jorge Morales for the party’s nomination.

Last year’s budget crisis in the county was fueled largely by large health care costs for county employees. We asked the candidates what should be done to rein in those costs.

Kleinhenz said the commissioners made significant changes last year:

04-27 Larry Kleinhenz Question 3 FULL

Morales said he would draw on community resources to advise the county

04-27 Jorge Morales Question 3 FULL

Thayer-Fye said she would like the county employees to have more input on their plan:

04-27 Susan Thayer-Fye Question 3 FULL

There are no Democratic candidates for the District 1 seat.

Last week, we asked the commissioner candidates about the county roads. You can hear their responses here.