County Council candidates look for partnerships, savings

Editor’s note: A draft version of this story was inadvertently published earlier.¬†We apologize for the error.

Bartholomew County voters will be choosing their candidates for the three at-large seats on the Bartholomew County Council in next week’s primary election. Five Republicans are running in the Tuesday primary and three Democrats.

The Democrats, Pam Clark, Gaby Cheek and Lynne Fleming, are all going to advance to the general election in November. But the Republican field will be whittled down to three candidates on Tuesday. The Republican candidates include incumbents Bill Lentz, Jim Reed and Evelyn Strietelmeier-Pence plus Matt Miller and Mike Lovelace.

We asked the Republican candidates:

  • The Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team seems to be working well. What sorts of other partnerships can the county foster with other local governments to save money or to increase services?

Lentz said that the county needs to look for more partnerships, inside and outside the county.

04-26 Bill Lentz Question 6

Lovelace said that the county needs to be willing to experiment.

04-26 Mike Lovelace Question 6

Miller said there should be partnerships with the city of Columbus in IT and in street repair

04-26 MATT MILLER Question 6

Reed said that the county will need to expand its partnerships to tackle the heroin epidemic.

04-26 Jim Reed Question 6

Strietelmeier-Pence said that IT seems like a good choice but she is open for other ways to save money

04-26 Evelyn Pence Question 6