Volunteers work to beautify Columbus

Volunteers are spending Friday and Saturday working to make Columbus look even better. Mayor Jim Lienhoop explains that the work begins Friday morning when volunteers gather at the shelter house at Donner Park. From there, the group will be go out to rake-up old leaves, paint curbs and do other work.

Clean-up work continues Saturday when a group of volunteers gather at First Christian Church. Mayor Lienhoop says that they will be targeting homes where the owners may have issues that make it difficult for them to take care of their property. He adds that these properties are located in the older neighborhoods in Columbus. The Mayor says that they are still looking for additional volunteers to help out on Saturday. If you are able to do, you are asked to please call First Christian Church at (812) 379-4491.

The Mayor says that residents of Columbus are some of the most generous people around. “People are more than willing to help,” said Lienhoop. He added, “Particularly when you they see the need.” The Mayor went on to say that these volunteers will easily see the need after they get their assignments and converge the areas that they will be working to improve.