Sheriff’s Youth Academy to help feed hungry in Bartholomew County

This year’s Sheriff’s Youth Academy will include a unique competition aimed at leadership. Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Judy Jackson says that attendees will be divided into two groups. They will then be asked to bring at least one non-perishable food item to the Academy each day. At the end of the Academy, individual Leadership awards, as well as group awards, will be given to those bringing in the most items.

Individual winners attending the two-day academy for children ages six to nine will receive a TV for overall first place, while the overall second place winner will receive an iPod, says Jackson. She adds that group winners will receive medals and certificates.

The overall winner for the four-day academy being attended by 10 to 14 year-olds will receive a tablet, while the overall second-place winner will receive an iPod, says Jackson. Again, she says that group winners will receive medals and certificates.

Jackson says that at the end of each academy, all donated non-perishable food items will be delivered to Love Chapel’s Food Pantry to help feed less fortunate families in Bartholomew County. “This will let these young people know that they can make a difference and they can have a really good time doing it”, said Sheriff Matt Myers. “This is an opportunity to teach children that there are many children and families’, maybe in their own neighborhood, who might be struggling. It also lets children know that giving back to their community doesn’t have to be a big endeavor, it can be as small as bringing a can of food to camp”, added Major Chris lane.

Jackson notes that this is the second time that the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office has helped feed county families in need. She explains that last November, the department “packed a patrol car” and delivered more than 8,000 non-perishable food items to Love Chapel’s Food Pantry.