Columbus Township residents could see insurance savings after announcement

Columbus Township Fire & Rescue, the joint operation of Columbus Township and the East Columbus Independent Fire Department, has announced that a new Public Protection Classification (PPC) audit and inspection has resulted in the department receiving a, updated, and improved, rating of 4/4Y. Captain Dave Thompson explains that this rating places Columbus Township Fire & Rescue in the top 12% of fire departments in Indiana and inside the top 42% in the country.

Thompson says that Columbus Township Fire & Rescue began modernizing its apparatus and operations many years ago. The goal, he said, has always been to provide the best fire protection achievable. Building on the hard work of several generations of firefighters, Thompson says that the men and women of Columbus Township Fire & Rescue set high training standards, kept apparatus and equipment updated and in top working order, and began using a paid day-staff. All of these efforts, he says, have contributed to this recent achievement.

Thompson says that this new rating will be important to all property owners and residents receiving fire protection from Columbus Township Fire & Rescue.


He explains that since many insurance companies base rates on a property’s ISO/PPC rating, all residents and commercial property owners are encouraged to contact their insurance company to receive any possible savings from an increase in classification.



Thompson stresses that since there is no way to automatically notify insurance carriers of a PPC rating/classification change, policy holders must notify them.

Thompson says that all members of Fire & Rescue thank the residents of Columbus Township for their support in helping them achieve this new rating. He also thanked all current, and former, firefighters, officers, chiefs, trustees and board members.