Franklin Police release photo of suspected hit-and-run vehicle

The Franklin Police Department (FPD) continues to ask for your help in locating a vehicle that they say was involved in a hit-and-run crash on

Photo courtesy of the Franklin Police Dept.
Photo courtesy of the Franklin Police Dept.

Jan. 23. FPD officials say that the crash occurred on East King Street, just east of Forsythe Street, and involved three vehicles. Police say that the suspect vehicle rear-ended a vehicle that was then sent into oncoming traffic and collided with a third vehicle. They say that the crash caused serious injuries to both drivers and one passenger.

FPD officials say that witnesses have described the suspect vehicle as a small, to mid-size, SUV with four doors, which had significant damage to the front bumper, as well as the driver’s side. The SUV was believed to be tan in color. Witnesses described the driver as being a white male, possibly in his 20’s, with dark hair. The vehicle was last seen headed westbound on Jefferson Street from the area of Forsythe Street.

Through the course of this investigation, FPD investigators say that they have received video of the possible suspect vehicle. They say that the vehicle is on video for approximately one minute after the initial 911 call was made. They explain that the vehicle was captured on video in the area of Franklin College, traveling away from the accident scene. Investigators have identified the vehicle as a Toyota Rav 4, model year of 2002-2005.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the FPD tip line at (317) 346-1100. Authorities say that tips and information can be left anonymously.