Camp Atterbury to host disaster response training

Ivy Tech nursing and paramedic students are scheduled to participate in natural disaster response training.

Randy Proffitt, Ivy Tech’s executive director of Marketing and Recruitment, says that a simulated tornado scene at Camp Atterbury will enable the students to learn about complex medical emergencies that can result from a natural disaster. He adds that the exercise will allow them to to have a “hands-on, real world response.”

The Joint Disaster Management Simulation is scheduled for Tuesday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Camp Atterbury. Proffitt says that Ivy Tech Nursing and Paramedic Science students will respond to emergency medical situations, with other students portraying the parts of victims. He adds that the majority of the actual simulation will be from noon to 2 p.m.

“Natural disasters can create complex medical emergencies that require effective communication skills; quick, accurate assessments; and triage,” said Danielle Robinson, Ivy Tech Nursing Program Department Chair. “The Joint Disaster Management Simulation will give our students very realistic experiences in the decision making and medical practices necessary during such emergencies.”

Proffitt says that Ivy Tech will partner in the simulation with IUPUC nursing students, the third joint simulation for the two schools’ Nursing Programs. He adds that this will be the first large disaster simulation and the first time involving Paramedic Science students. Along with the students’ victim portrayals, school officials say that simulation mannequins will also be available for practicing emergency medical procedures.

Proffitt says that the simulation is partially funded by Indiana Campus Compact, a partnership of Indiana’s public, private, and community college higher education institutions focused on advocating, implementing, and improving service engagement.