Mayor Lienhoop highlights challenges in first State of the City Address

Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop gave his inaugural State of the City Address Tuesday night from the Columbus Learning Center. A packed crowd listened to the Mayor talk about the many good things that the city has going on, but he also addressed a number of challenges. Among them, is Columbus’ susceptibility to joblessness due to the cyclical nature of the automotive and diesel engine businesses…


Lienhoop says that he has hopes that a new agreement between the city and the Columbus Economic Development Commission will pay dividends and expand the employment opportunities for those who live and work in Columbus.

The Mayor also talked about the necessity of educational attainment. He says that we are fast reaching an era where a high-school diploma alone won’t be enough to get a good job…


The Mayor also said that his administration is working on a proposal to improve area graduation rates…


Lienhoop said that the proposal is in its early stages, but he anticipates that it will ultimately provide tangible benefits.

The Mayor also talked about drug addiction, particular heroin addiction…


Mayor Lienhoop noted that more needs to be done to stifle the demand for illicit drugs in Columbus. He compared the drug issue to that of an infectious disease, noting that those suffering from an infection can go to the hospital, while those dealing with addiction, have nothing.

Lienhoop said that, like in the legal marketplace, demand fuels supply. He added that if every drug dealer in Columbus was arrested at once, demand would bring new ones in to the city. With that, the Mayor says that it’s time to address the demand for these drugs…


Mayor Lienhoop added that the fight won’t be quick, but it is one worth winning.

Lienhoop’s first State of the City also featured an update on the Columbus Municipal Airport from airport director Brian Payne:

Brian Payne