State police provide more info on Bunch case

The Indiana State Police have released more information on the public indecency charge filed against Columbus City Council member Dascal Bunch.

Trooper Stephen Wheeles, spokesman for the police, says that the case stems from three separate incidents in March and November last year, and again in January. Bunch allegedly was in his home and exposed himself to people outside who could easily view him through the windows.

Lt. Matt Harris, spokesman for the Columbus Police Department, said over the weekend that Columbus Police investigated a similar complaint against Bunch in 2011 but could not substantiate the complaint.

Bunch is facing a preliminary charge of a single count of indecent exposure, a Class C misdemeanor, after the investigation by Trooper Detective Chris Howell.

Wheeles said Indiana State Police got involved after being contacted by the Columbus Police Department to investigate the case because of Bunch’s position as a City Council member.

Special Prosecutor Brian Belding, in the Jennings County prosecutor’s office, was assigned as the prosecutor in this case. After the case was reviewed by Belding, charges were then filed in Bartholomew County Superior Court. Bunch was cited into court and given a court date of April 4th at 11 a.m..

Wheeles said that Bunch was cited and given a summons to appear, rather than arrested. He said that is the same way many misdemeanor cases are normally treated.