Firefighters locate electrical short in home

Discovery of smoke inside of a Columbus home led to a 911 call Thursday afternoon.

Columbus Fire Department Spokesman Capt. Mike Wilson says that firefighters were called to a possible structure fire in the 1800 block of 10th street after a family returned home to find smoke and audible alarms going off inside their rented home. He says that firefighters arrived at 4:18 p.m. and confirmed the presence of smoke.

Wilson says that firefighters found a light haze of smoke in a dining room area, but no flames. They later determined that the smoke conditions and odor was possibly caused by an electrical issue. During an inspection, firefighters discovered an electrical outlet short, said Wilson. Firefighters located the electrical panel and disconnected power to the area.

Wilson says that no injuries were reported and the family of four was not displaced. Damages are estimated at less than $100.