Bartholomew County elections to be held at 18 vote centers

Bartholomew County voters will have 18 vote centers to choose from during the primary election on May 3rd. But not every township will have its own place to vote.

Vote centers were instituted for last year’s Columbus city elections, but the May election will be the first countywide election to replace the traditional precinct by precinct voting. With vote centers, you can cast your ballot at any of the 18 county locations and no longer will need to go to your local precinct.

But the new vote centers were chosen for their accessibility, access to the internet and size, meaning some townships simply don’t have a location where they can be set up, said County Commissioner Carl Lienhoop. Lienhoop said that his own Clifty Township would not have a vote center. Other townships without a vote center include Clay and Jackson townships.

County Commissioners approved the vote center plan at their meeting yesterday. The centers:


1. Flintwood Wesleyan Church

2. St. John’s Masonic Lodge

3. Grace Lutheran Church

4. Healing Waters Church

5. Donner Center

6. East Columbus Fire Station

7. The Commons

8. Main Source Bank

9. Terrace Lake Church

10. Faith Lutheran Church

11. REMC Building

12. Elizabethtown Fire Station

13. Shiloh Baptist Church

14. Hope Moravian Church

15. Clifford Fire Station

16. German Twp. Fire Station

17. Southwest Fire Station

18. White Creek Lutheran Church

Absentee voting for the May primary begins on April 5th.