Three corrections officers scuffle with inmate

Three corrections officers were injured in a scuffle with an inmate at the Bartholomew County Jail over the weekend.

Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Judy Jackson says that that at approximately 4:47 a.m. on Saturday, 26-year-old inmate Joseph

Joseph Schwering
Joseph Schwering

Schwering, of Columbus, requested to use the telephone while Corrections Officer Jonathan Allen was attempting to book in another inmate. Jackson says that Officer Allen told Schwering that he would have to wait and instructed him to return to his cell in the meantime. Authorities say that Schwering ignored the command and pushed against Officer Allen, who then called for assistance.

Authorities say that Schwering then charged at Officer Allen, hitting him in the abdomen. During the scuffle, Officer Zachary Morey entered the fray and tried to place Schwering in hand restraints. Schwering allegedly continued to resist. Jackson says that this lead to a third officer, Richard Fippen, entering the area. She says that the three officers attempted to take control of Schwering, who allegedly continued to resist. Officer Allen then reportedly used his Taser on Schwering, which stunned him and allowed the officers to secure Schwering. Jackson says the entire ordeal lasted about five-minutes.

The Sheriff’s Department says that Schwering was initially booked in the jail on a Superior Court II Body Attachment with a $1,000 bond. After Saturday morning’s incident, he is facing additional preliminary charges of Battery, Resisting, and Probation Violation. Schwering is being held without bond.

The three Correctional Officers were sent to Prompt Med for checkups. The Sheriff’s Department says that Officer Jonathon Allen complained of back pain. He was treated and released. Officer Zachary Morey complained of arm pain and had minor abrasions. Authorities say that his arm will be in a sling for at least three days. Officer Richard Fippen received minor abrasions.