Mayor to discuss economic spending plan Tuesday

Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop and the Columbus Economic Development Board will be presenting the community with more information Tuesday night about a program to try and recruit more businesses to Columbus.

Lienhoop said the board has done a good job recruiting automotive parts manufacturers over the past 40 years.

Jim Lienhoop 1

Two weeks ago, the mayor unveiled a plan to take about $136,000 in economic development income tax money and give it as a grant to the economic development board.

Jim Lienhoop 2

Leinhoop said that state law gives the mayor the authority on how to spend that money and while previous Mayor Kristen Brown’s plan concentrated on items the city does Lienhoop said they will find other ways to fund those purchases.

Jim Lienhoop 4

For example, Lienhoop said he expects a fire truck to cost less than expected and plans to pay for police and fire radios out of other funds.

More details will be discussed with the City Council at Tuesday night’s council meeting, Lienhoop said. The council meets at 6 p.m. at City Hall.