MainSource Bank targeted by scammers

MainSource Bank is the latest bank to have its identity used in a scam intended to obtain personal information from both customers and non-customers of the bank. Bank officials say the scam targeted residents of Central and Southern Indiana and involved a mass text message, claiming that MainSource Bank was asking for verification of sensitive data due to an issue with account security. Bank officials say MainSource Bank did not send the texts and stresses that its data systems were not compromised.

Chris Harrison, Executive Vice President of Retail Administration for MainSource, said, “MainSource Bank is aware that we were fraudulently targeted in recent text messages designed to gather personal information for the purpose of identity theft. Such attempts at theft is both concerning and disheartening. We are working with law enforcement and internet providers to identify and stop the persons responsible for the fraudulent activity and taking steps to assist anyone who has provided personal information as a result of the scams.”

Bank officials confirmed the list of consumers who received such messages was not obtained from MainSource’s records. In addition, the bank confirmed that their operating systems have not been compromised and customer data continues to be secure.
Harrison continued, “No consumer should ever provide personal information to someone reaching out electronically in an attempt to verify data. I encourage our customers to ignore such attempts with the confidence that neither MainSource Bank, nor any legitimate financial institution, would ask for verification of account and PIN numbers, social security information or birth dates.”

Bank officials are urging anyone who responded to this text scam with personal information to contact their local MainSource Bank branch as soon as possible.