New system to help local inmates have easier access to money

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office has introduced a new Access Corrections Deposit Service for the jail. Sheriff’s Department kioskSpokesperson Judy Jackson says this is a “new, effective way to deposit funds electronically for inmates by using an array of options to make deposits with cash, credit or debit cards.”

Jackson says that family members and friends can now choose the most convenient way to send money to an incarcerated loved one. She explains that money can be sent online at, by phone (866) 345-1884 or by Lobby Kiosk. Jackson adds that the phone number has bilingual agents available 24-hours per day.

“Our lobby kiosk allows friends and family members the ability to deposit funds into an inmate’s account using cash, credit or debit cards,” says Jackson. She also stresses that the kiosk is in a secure location that is monitored by Bartholomew County Jail staff. Jackson adds that the kiosk is located in the lobby next to the receptionist area.

Sheriff’s Department officials add that, with this new change, deposits are no longer accepted by Sheriff’s Office staff.