Memorial Service for Gov. Whitcomb set for Friday

Indiana’s 43rd Governor, Edgar Whitcomb, will be honored Friday with a memorial service in downtown Indianapolis. Gov. Whitcomb passed away Feb. 4th. Indiana State Police say the service will be held in the area of the downtown Circle and on the south side of the State Capitol Building.

ISP Spokesman Capt. David Bursten says that the services will begin late in the morning and will conclude by early afternoon. He says that people in the downtown Indianapolis area should be prepared for traffic congestion near, and around, the Circle along the streets of Michigan, Meridian, Market, Capitol and Washington.

Bursten says that at approximately 12:45 p.m., as part of the Memorial Service, three Howitzer Cannons will fire six volleys, followed by one single shot for a total of 19 rounds in recognition of Indiana being the 19th State admitted to the Union. There will also be a seven person rifle team that will fire three volleys, for a total of 21 shots, in recognition of Gov. Whitcomb’s WWII service. Weather permitting, State Police say that there will also be a military aircraft flyover of the Circle.