Area cities to get new traffic signals as part on an INDOT project

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will begin changing 364 traffic signals in mid-May as part of a statewide effort to significantly reduce crashes at signalized intersections. INDOT Spokesman Harry Maginity says that old units will be removed and new signal heads installed along U.S Highway 31 at Greenwood, U.S 50 at Seymour and State Road 46 at Bloomington.

Maginity says that the new INDOT traffic signals have retro-reflective back-plates with yellow reflective borders. He explains that the black back-plate improves visibility, while the three-inch yellow reflective border alerts drivers of the signal’s presence during a power outage.

INDOT officials noted one Federal Highway Administration study that documented a crash reduction of 28.6 percent after installation of the new signal head. The report also reported a reduction in personal injury crashes by 36.7 percent and a reduction in late night/early morning crashes of 49.6 percent.

INDOT officials met with installers Thursday morning at the Seymour District offices to finalize plans for the signal change-out. Maginity says the state’s $295,763 contract calls for installations to be completed by July 31.