Jennings County Republicans remember Gov. Whitcomb

The passing of former Indiana Governor Edgar Whitcomb is being felt all across the state, especially in Jennings County, where the Governor was from.

Mark Holwager, former Jennings County Republican Party Chairman, says that Whitcomb was a “great man” who exemplified the tenacity of the World War II generation. He called the former Governor “a treasure …. that we’ll never be able to replace.” When asked about Whitcomb’s legacy, Holwager noted the many accomplishments of the man, including his service in the war, his time as a POW, his return to Indiana, his education and professional accomplishments. Holwager noted that Whitcomb had an accomplished life well before being elected Governor in 1968.

Holwager added that Whitcomb was proud of his Jennings County roots, noting that the Governor loved to come back to the area to visit. He said that, up until the last couple of years, Whitcomb made regular trips to Jennings County. “There’s no doubt in my mind that he loved Jennings County,” said Holwager.

Holwager was part of a group that was instrumental in getting a monument for Whitcomb installed in the Governor’s hometown of Hayden. Holwager says the monument was erected in 2014 and is inside the Hayden Museum.