Hope town manager resigns

Melina Fox, town manager for the town of Hope, has resigned her position.

Fox said that she turned in a resignation letter last month that went into effect today. Fox cited concerns about her pay not matching what was promised when she started with the town, nor did she receive the 2 percent raise to that higher pay level that she had expected.

In her resignation letter, she cited an e-mail she sent in November.:

“I took this position for $50,000.  However, $5000 of it went toward the website development and implementation.  Since the website was completed in March 2015, my request for 2016 is $50,000 plus the 2% increase.  The Town of Hope is not paying any health care benefits for me.  I also have no mileage reimbursement, etc for meetings.  Hope you feel that my request is reasonable. ”

She said the Town Council did not act during an executive session last month to rectify the situation.

Fox began working with the town in 2014 and was tasked with managing day-to-day operations, raising the town’s profile, improving its image and finding grant money.