Sheriff’s Deputies rescue calf stranded on icy pond

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Dean Johnson responded to a call regarding a three-day old calf that had gotten onto an icy pond at a farm. Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Judy Jackson says that the department received the call just after 11:30 on Wednesday morning.

When Sgt. Johnson arrived at the farm, in the area of County Roads calf on ice15000 East and 400 North, he observed the calf about 25-feet away from the bank. It was unable to get off the ice on its own. Friends and family members of the owners were reportedly trying to get a rope around the calf to pull it back to shore, but were unsuccessful.

Jackson says that Detective Capt. Chris Roberts arrived moments later with a 300-foot rope. She says that deputies were able to get the rope behind the calf, sliding it to the edge of the pond. The calf was rescued and taken inside the house to warm up.