Scammers pretend to be IRS collectors

Deputies are warning of more scammers targeting victims by claiming to be with the IRS.

Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox said there have been four cases in recent days where automated callers pretended to be with the federal agency and demanded unpaid taxes be immediately paid or face being sued.

Authorities suggest that you should always be skeptical if someone you don’t know calls demanding immediate payment over the phone of any bill, especially if they want you to use a pre-paid credit card or to wire money to settle the supposed debt.

Lt. Matt Harris, with the Columbus Police Department, said scammers have also learned how to fool your Caller ID, making it appear that they are calling from a local number or a legitimate business. He said that those calls frequently originate from outside of the country.

He suggested that you always end a phone call demanding money, and call the company back directly at a number you know to be correct, to talk about your supposed debt.