Seymour police offer tips on spotting drug activity

Seymour police are offering tips on how to determine if a home in your neighborhood might be involved in drug activity. That’s after tips led to a raid last week in the 900 block of Oak Street that involved several arrests.

Police say you should be aware of a large amount of traffic at a home, especially at night. Usually, people will only stay for a short time, or someone comes out to meet them at their vehicle. You might notice the exchange of items between residents and visitors, especially if money is involved.

If a home has windows blacked out or covered so no one can see inside, that might be a sign of drug activity. Or if you notice odors such as musty or chemical smells. You might also see homes where security measures have been taken that seem out of place.

And, of course, if you find drug paraphernalia in the area such as syringes, smoking pipes or baggies that is a sign of drug activity.

You should always alert the police if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood.