Ninth Street neighbors concerned about incursions

Residents of the Ninth Street Park area in Columbus are concerned about suspicious people who appear to be walking up to doors, and rattling or knocking on them to see whether anyone is home.

Members of the community’s neighborhood watch group said the incidents are happening more frequently and at all times of the day and night. Several residents said at a recent meeting that when they get to the door, the person making the noise has already left, leaving when they hear a barking dog or resident responding.

Lt. Matt Harris, spokesman for the Columbus Police Department, said there have been reports made of similar incidents in the area, but it is still an uncomon occurence.

He said that people should take precautions, such as locking their doors and windows, but they should also call police if something suspicious is occurring. He said officers could make an extra patrol through the neighborhood, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Lt. Matt Harris