North Vernon considers expanded drug testing

The North Vernon City Council is considering a change to the city’s drug-testing policy.

Clerk-Treasurer Shawn Gerkin told the body that it might be a good idea to broaden the group from which quarterly, random drug-tests are given. Currently, the only city employees subject to these tests are those with a Commercial Drivers License, said Gerkin.

He went on to say that, along with being more fair, updating the policy could also benefit the city financially. Gerkin says that could manifest in lower insurance rates, reduced-risk from lawsuits, personal injuries and more.

Council members seemed receptive to Gerkin’s idea. The body must decide the scope of the change and whether or not to include part-time and seasonal employees, as well as elected officials.

An updated proposal is expected to be unveiled at the council’s final meeting of the year on Dec. 28.