Good news for Bartholomew County home owners

Home sales in central Indiana are up nearly seven percent, according to a real estate group.

F.C. Tucker Company is reporting that central Indiana home sales are up 6.9 percent year to date, according to Senior Account Executive Tim Coxey. He says that amounts to almost two-thousand more homes sold in 2015, compared to the same time period last year. Locally, Coxey says that Bartholomew County’s home sales were up more than 26 percent in November and 12 percent year to date.

Bartholomew County is also seeing an increase in active listings. Coxey says that listings are up 11 percent in November 2015 over November of 2014. He reports that there were 290 active listings last November, while there were 322 in November of this year.

There was more good news for Bartholomew County home owners, as the average sale price also increased. Coxey says that from November of 2014 to November of 2015, the average price increased 4.6 percent to just under $201,000. Brown County also saw an increase in the average sale price over the same period, said Coxey. He cites F.C. Tucker’s report, which says the average sale price jumped 4.4 percent to $181,580.