Airport Board approves lease request

The Indiana National Guard is leasing additional space on property owned by the Columbus Municipal Airport.

Jack Fowler, a Strategic Planner at Camp Atterbury, unveiled the proposal Tuesday afternoon at a meeting of the Columbus Airport Commission. The proposal calls for the National Guard to sublet the Grammar Industries hanger, located at 5280 N. Warren Drive. The proposal includes approximately one-acre, but not Grammar’s fuel farm.

Fowler says the property will be used to store vehicles for Camp Atterbury as the facility updates its property to be able to handle additional vehicles. He adds that this is a year-to-year lease that Atterbury officials anticipate will be needed for three to five years.

The Airport Board approved the sublease request, as well as a request for minor modifications to the property. Fowler says that modifications will be temporary and the property put back to its original state by the end of the lease.