Fire Chief praises first responders, store owner, for generosity

The Columbus Fire Department (CFD) is thanking firefighters, and the owner of a local shoe store, for their act of kindness.

CFD Spokesman Captain Mike Wilson says that on Saturday, firefighters from Station 1, along with Columbus Regional Health EMS Unit 1, responded to a report of an injured woman in the 1200 block of Franklin Street. After arriving on the scene, Wilson says that it was obvious that the injury was severe and the woman would need to go to the hospital. He went on to say that in order to fully assess the injury, firefighters were forced to remove one of the woman’s shoes by cutting it off. The woman told the responders that she had just recently purchased the shoes from a local retailer and was heartbroken over losing them.

Wilson said that Firefighters and EMS personnel wanted to help. They visited the store where the shoes were purchased, White River Running Company Inc. Owner Brady Legge reportedly told responders that she was familiar with the customer. “As soon as I saw the shoe, I knew who the firefighters were talking about. She is a sweet lady.”

Responders told Legge that they wanted to purchase a pair of shoes to replace the ones that were destroyed. Wilson added that Legge also wanted to help and did so by reducing the price of the shoes. Firefighters and EMS personnel chipped in and purchased a gift card which they immediately delivered to the hospital.

Columbus Fire Department Battalion Chief Mark Ziegler states, “I’m really proud of everyone that stepped up today. They went the extra mile and made a difference. That’s what being a firefighters is all about.” Ziegler says that 12 public safety responders, 10 of them firefighters, contributed to the purchase of the gift card. He added that only three of the of the 10 contributing firefighters responded to the actual incident.