Firefighters offer Thanksgiving safety tips

The Columbus Fire Department  is hoping you will be safe today but also wants you to be aware that the greatest danger of a kitchen fire comes today.

Capt. Mike Wilson, spokesman for the fire department, says that statistics shows that the chances for a home fire doubles on Thanksgiving Day.

Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires, and locally, the fire department has had three Thanksgiving day home cooking fires since 2006. Two were fires on a stovetop and the third involved a turkey fryer, Wilson said.

He suggested some safety tips for home cooking including:

  • Establishing a kid-free zone in the kitchen, by not allowing children within three feet of appliances.
  • Never leave food cooking on a stove top unattended
  • Turn pot handles inward to avoid an accidental spill. Also keep the pot lid nearby in the event of a grease fire. Never put water on a grease fire.
  • Keep combustible materials such as dish towels and aprons away from burners.
  •  Keep an ABC type fire extinguisher nearby.
  • If you plan on deep frying your turkey, always do so outdoors away from a structure.
  • Don’t fry a turkey on a wooden patio.
  • Turkey fryers can easily tip, which can let the hot oil spill, injuring adults, children and pets.