CRH emergency room doors shattered by driver

A Columbus woman is undergoing a mental health evaluation after allegedly intentionally crashing her car into the emergency room doors at Columbus Regional Hospital yesterday afternoon.

Sgt. Matt Harris, spokesman for the Columbus police, said officers were first called to 27th and Chestnut streets at about 4:22 p.m. Sunday on a report of a black Honda intentionally crashing into a vehicle several times. Just under 20 minutes later, an off-duty officer saw the same vehicle crash into the emergency room doors at the hospital, back up and crash into the doors again.

The driver then allegedly fled on 17th Street, where Columbus police cars boxed the vehicle in and forced it to a stop, but not before the driver crashed into several of the cruisers, according to police reports.

A man inside the emergency room was injured by flying glass and while a valet driver was inside the entranceway when the driver crashed through, he was uninjured, Harris said.