INDOT reopens bridge east of Columbus

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) says it has reopened State Road 46 bridge at Fishers Fork, on Thursday. The bridge, located east of Columbus, needed repairs and the installation of a bridge deck overlay, said officials.

INDOT Spokesman Harry Maginity says that Milestone, the state’s contractor, has fitted the bridge deck, located about a mile east of U.S. 31, with a modified latex overlay. He says that other work included coping repairs, joint replacements, guardrail installation and new pavement at the State Road 46 bridge approaches. The bridge was closed to traffic on August 31.

INDOT officials say this project will extend service life and reduce maintenance cost of the three-span, 102-foot-long structure.

Maginity says that a second State Road 46 Fishers Fork bridge, located several miles east of this location, is under contract for superstructure replacement next year.