Columbus officers praise Oklahoma counterparts

The Columbus Police Department is thanking their counterparts in the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for helping a local family in need.

Last summer, a Columbus family had their mini-van break down near Clinton, Oklahoma and found that it would take three days to get it repaired and there were no car rental places that could help them. State police took the family to a hotel, set them up with a free room, meals and tickets to a nearby water park. One trooper’s aunt let the family use an extra car while the family was stuck in town.

Local police sent the Oklahoma officers a letter commending them and uniform patches from Columbus Police Department. The letter states:

“During a time when the actions of all law enforcement officials under scrutiny, these men and support personnel have demonstrated their true values of police officers to the public. Further, the acts of kindness from the citizens and business community of Clinton, Oklahoma are a true example for all communities across the country.”