City and Aviation Board to hold joint meeting to discuss Walesboro site

The Columbus Redevelopment Commission is holding a special joint meeting Thursday afternoon with the city’s Board of Aviation Commissioners to discuss the city’s plans for the infrastructure and marketing of a proposed research & development / industrial park in Walesboro.

The city and the Aviation Board are working together to sell and develop approximately 470 acres of the former airport site. The aviation board currently controls use of the property. Any sale of the acreage is subject to the approval of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and U.S. Department of Defense. Airport Board Chairman Caleb Tennis says that he expects both groups to give approval to the plan.

Mayor Kristen Brown, who will be replaced by City Councilman Jim Lienhoop in January, have been exchanging words via local media, as well as social media, about how the project is being handled. Mayor Brown, in response to comments made by Lienhoop in the local newspaper, invited him to attend Thursday’s meeting to contribute to the process. Lienhoop declined, citing prior commitments.

Thursday’s meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. inside City Hall. You are encouraged to attend.