Hope to make first fire payments this year

The town of Hope is making the first payments for its fire service this year, agreeing last night to pay about $33,362 in bills for the volunteer department.

But town officials balked at paying for supplies related to a countywide fish fry held at Hauser High School. Last month, the town and the fire department resolved an ongoing dispute that had led the town to hold up funding the fire department all of this year. But the town only agreed to pay the department’s bills directly rather than giving the money directly to the fire department.

Last night the council considered the first of those payments, of about $37,600. But council member said they were opposed to a set of bills related to the fish fry fundraiser. Most agreed that the fire department should pay for the $4,200 in supplies out of the fish fry proceeds rather than ask taxpayers to foot the bill.

The council approved the other bills, pending proper invoices.